MOMENTUM – THE HEALTH EFFECT, your journey to financial wellness in 2018

MOMENTUM – THE HEALTH EFFECT, your journey to financial wellness in 2018

Momentum has grown into the third largest open medical scheme with more than 150 000 lives covered in a market that has been stagnant for the last couple of years, because of their unique product offering.

Based on the successes seen over the past few years, there were no major benefit changes but a few enhancements and the introduction of a new plan option; the Impact option.

Enhancements to the Health Platform Maternity Benefit, for Incentive, Extender and Summit members.

Contribution increase for Momentum 2018

If you review Momentum Health’s average risk contributions, it is still one of the lowest in the market, thus members experience a low increase off a lower risk contribution rate, with no benefit cuts.

2018 in no different – Momentum Health’s average increase is 8.3%, excluding the lowest income band on the Ingwe option.

Introduction to the Impact option

The introduction of the Impact option, with contributions that are linked to income bands, it extends the opportunity to access private healthcare to more South Africans.

Offering state as chronic provider and the Impact Primary Care network for day-to-day benefits, this option provides younger entry level consumers affordable access to more benefits than most low cost solutions.

Momentum Health Marketing Brochure

Health Complementary Brochure

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